Monday, September 26, 2011

Speak English or simply go die.


okay, this is THE FIRST ENTRY will be all on English. I'm not sure my english is good or not, or maybe my englsih just 'broken'.

And.. yeah. Im trying my best for not using google translate :P

Today, finally, the new english teacher have been arrived. Welcome! And her name is Farah. (I just cant remember her actual name). She's cute. She asked all students to speak English during her sessions. But you know, all this Malay students wont really bother about it. -.-"

okay, actually Im practising my english for tomorrow, my ENGLISH FINAL EXAM TEST. Im freaked out? Maybe.. yeah.

p/s : It will be a lot easier if we can bring along our google during exam.

Sorry for all my gramatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. Tell me or just simply ignored it.
English is fun, English is easy. easy huh? I will prefer MALAY more than english.

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